Practice makes perfect. Meditation makes peaceful.

"In peaceful calm, void and emptiness,
the authentic qi flows easily.
Essences and spirits are kept within.
How could illness arise?"
- Neijing Suwen 1, lines 41-44

Crystal singing bowls have the capacity to affect brain wave states resulting in deeper meditation. Participants report feeling "transported" and "transformed" by this experience with improved sleep; improved mood; a lasting feeling of calm; and increased creativity. From a physiological perspective, deep meditative states shift a body from operating within the sympathetic system to operating within the parasympathetic system. In this state of being, the body is relaxed and energy is in free flow; the mind is at ease; the heart is open; and, one is able to heal themselves of physical, mental, and spiritual wounds.

As a lifelong musician, Ali is honored to share this meditative music and meditation practice with her community and the world at large.  

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