Ali Young is a Graduate Student and Clinical Intern at Emperor's College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Santa Monica, California. She is also a songwriter and musician who now uses her musicality in concert with her knowledge of meditation practices (Vedic, Metta, and Vipassana) to guide Sound Bath Meditations using Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls. 

Twelve Meridians is the umbrella LLC for all of her businesses and ventures related to health and healing. These include "Crystal HZ Healing" for sound bath meditation and meditation products; "Spice of Rice" for Nutraceuticals; and, "Twelve Meridians" for her future Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine private practice (Projected Licensing Spring 2019).


"My journey to becoming a student and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Medicinal Herbs, Diet, Cupping, Moxibustion, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Tui Na) began with healing myself. I was going through fertility treatments in my early 30's and had the great grace of working with an MD who understood the benefits of integrative medicine - specifically Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. Before this experience, I believed that the excruciating pain of PMS was just something women have to endure, and that NSAIDs are a way of life. Because of TCM, I have enjoyed easy cycles for years. I have used this medicine to treat my own fibroids, pituitary tumor, anxiety, and insomnia. I cannot make any claim that this medicine will work for your body the same way that it did for mine. But because of the wonderful improvements I experience, I am compelled to learn this medicine and share it with the world. Since I have been a student at Emperor's College, I have observed successful treatments of a myriad of diseases including relieving chronic back and sciatic pain, unfreezing a frozen shoulder, returning facial expression to a Bell's Palsy patient, relieving lupus symptoms... It's remarkable and nearly miraculous to observe and be a part of this medicine, which is woefully misunderstood and undervalued in Western Culture. I welcome the opportunity to join you on your journey to becoming a more healthful person, enjoying greater ease in life."

- Ali Young